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NOVAMSC (0026) Shariah Compliance
Will they do CAPITAL GAIN TAX System Check !!?? Hopefully !!
CGT has been hot topic lately prior to BUDGET 2019 Malaysia.
However firstly we learn what NOVAMSC doing and what potential they do have !
Yes you are right, it's time LTA cover this company NOVAMSC as this company truly attract and filled lots of Big Meletup Criteria. As you know, LTA don't often publish our view on stock as often as other because we only post the best out of the best !
You can look at our past record of JFTECH, IQGROUP, N2N, FRONTKN, MLGLOBAL, many at least move more than 50% up in less than half year time.
So what is so good about NOVAMSC that finally covered by LTA research?
First of all, I want you to open their company website check every page and learn what they doing : http://www.nova-hub.com/
What I can say about this company website is very simple and humble, showing beautiful photo with what they doing, what product they offer, and the most common one director/ceo information is not show, it tell's the Boss are not the one wanna show off, they focus on their work and that's good enough for a shareholder view !!
Next very simple fundamental analysis will do :
Well latest quarter finally show great profit come in, and we quite sure coming November result can do much better, and remember this picture as I will compare it with a company that look very similar later.
And most importantly it's a NETT CASH COMPANY !
How good about this company future and prospect, you can just go check this blog :
It mention NOVAMSC potential to be MYEG 2.0 ! 
E-Government Solution Provider !!
LTA is more interested to tell you how big possible it will BIG MELETUP UP soon !
Let us show you a few case study that already happen BIG MELETUP !
Case 1
Why KEYASIC can suddenly big Meletup from RM 0.10 towards RM 0.16 then washing almost 5 month then finally super Meletup above RM 0.34 !! (on 11/10/2017)
Very simple reason as KEYASIC profit turn around and start contribute positive for few quarter.
To compare KEYASIC with NOVAMSC, we know both are doing IT stuff and it's technology stock. However KEYASIC total share issue is much higher compare to NOVAMSC, what this telling?
Go and compare NOVAMSC latest quarter earning with KEYASIC you will find that NOVAMSC earning much higher, earn EPS much higher due to lower share issued !
Very simple, NOVAMSC once post stable or even better result in November, then we expecting October this month the price will start shoot up already !
Case 2

SYSTECH (0050) 

Not convince with KEYASIC case? We show you SYSTECH about the same situation too. Firstly we show you the price movement first.
SYSTECH too has been hovering RM 0.15 - RM 0.18 just like what KEYASIC did then before result in NOVEMBER out, big Meletup up ! All the way hit RM 0.47 ! (16/11/2016)

Looking back why did SYSTECH actually up so much? After all 17/11/16 result improve compare to 18/8/2016, and just small improvement ! The key is consistent post profit and then price will go up !!
LOOK CLOSELY SYSTECH EPS !! Just 0.29 EPS for 17/7/2016 Q2 Result.
So NOVAMSC latest result already posting 0.24 EPS, its super close to SYSTECH and much better than KEYASIC, so why NOVAMSC price can't move like what have KEYASIC and SYSTECH did?
They all on on same categories as Technology IT related company, so Valuation wise should be also almost the same, since balance sheet for all this company are about the same, not much debt, got some cash and NOVAMSC have most cash compare to the rest !
KEYASIC cash = RM 1.021 mil        Cash per share / 930.57m = RM 0.001 per share
SYSTECH cash = RM 5.874 mil        Cash per share / 347.71m = RM 0.016 per share
NOVAMSC cash = RM 18.646 mil     Cash per share / 751.56m = RM 0.024 per share

See by just looking at latest result already show NOVAMSC richest yet price still lagging, it's highly ready and potentially for a big Meletup up already !!
Actually many other not profiting company also manage to big goreng up, NOVAMSC consider as very low risk so it's surely a good investment so far !
As a conclusion:
1. NOVAMSC is an IT technologies company that have full potential of big Meletup up !
2. NOVAMSC is an International company have business in many countries !
3. NOVAMSC has new product and already start securing business from CHINA, SINGAPORE and more coming soon.
4. NOVAMSC order book has achieve new high !
5. NOVAMSC price remain very low compared to other peers !
6. NOVAMSC high potential to post better result !
7. NOVAMSC this type of stock are the favorite choice of MYEG Boss WONG TSCREADOR fund by BRAHMAL VASUDEVAN, once they join party, price surely big meletup !
Better be earlier than late yo !
My own personal "hope" for short term price to reach RM 0.25, mid term hope RM 0.40, long term hope RM 0.60.


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