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How to choose a midterm/long term stock 
Some criteria you have to follow for Mid term/ Long Term Investment
1) Find a good uptrending stocks (MA,EMA,Ichimoku,)
2) Buy when the Share prices is below the median Line (Panic )
3) Buy Partially / Dollar Costing Averaging
4) Sell when the share price is changing trend / business changing
Case Study 1 :

Sunreit - Imagine if you buy in During RM 1.440 in 2016 (Assuming you cannot buy at the lowest) . Today it is RM 1.900 Excluding all the dividends gained.

Case Study 2:
Bstead-( buying a downtrending counter ) for Long term
Assume You bought in at 3.76 and today it is only RM 1.200. Thats why choosing an uptrend stock is important.
Case Study 3:

Krono (Ride the Uptrend and Sell when the trend is changing)
Buy in 0.540 (during 2017)
Sell in 0.990 when confirmed there is a change of trend
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Disclaimer: Mentioned stocks are just for research/educational purpose. No buy call or sell call are given here. Please seek advice from your remisier before your trade.

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