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 Dear valued readers in I3,

The purpose to post this article here is to help those readers who are not doing well in stock market. Those readers who had done well, please ignore this article. Those haters who want to attack me, I just ask you for a favour, please leave me alone.

I had been using the below strategy since 2009, I had been doing well and I made money consistently year after year. I just hope and wish to share my strategy to those readers who are not doing well in stock market, hope that they can perform well in 2017. If you disagree with my strategy, please ignore this article here.

My stock selection criteria

Below is my stock selection criteria, I want all of you to remember this keyword "UBS GMF".

TA comes first
U - Up trending stock
B - Breakout chart
S - Sector to focus (cross 200 days SMA)

FA comes second
G - Growth > 10% per year
M - Margin of safety > 30%
F - Forecast current year EPS must be better than previous year EPS

After using the aforesaid strategy for many years, below are my performance records in I3.

Assume I started with RM 100,000.00.

2013 - 104% ROI - My total value is now RM 204,000.00.
2014 - 61% ROI - My total value is now RM 328,440.00.
2015 - 129% ROI - My total value is now RM 752,128.00.
2016 - 22% ROI - My total value is now RM 917,596.00.

I end up with almost 8 times my original investment value. CAGR or Compounded Annual Growth Rate is 74.05% over the period of 4 years which is very impressive.

The most important thing in investing is consistency, you need to practise a good strategy in order to achieve a consistent result. I do not wish to boast my outstanding performance here, I wish to convince those readers who are not doing well in stock market to learn up this strategy in order to make money from stock market.

Please read the below posting from Icon8888 :-

Posted by Icon8888 > Sep 27, 2016 12:11 PM | Report Abuse

I don't defend OTB just because he is my friend. I defend him because I concur with his way of combining FA with TA. I revolutionaries my stock picking style by learning from him the idea (but I don't follow him 100% in style). My return this two years improved a lot because of that.

Those who want to learn this strategy to achieve a good return from stock market, you can contact me at tbooifx@gmail.com

Final decision is always yours.

Thank you.


Disclaimer :
Please be informed that the aforesaid stocks are solely for the purpose of education only ; it is neither a trading advice nor an invitation to trade. For trading advice, please speak to your remisier or dealer representative.

Final decision to buy is always yours.


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