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Mynews Holdings Bhd, formerly Bison Consolidated Bhd, through its subsidiaries is engaged in press & convenience retailing, comprising the operations of a press & convenience retail chain in Malaysia under trade name of myNEWS.com, newsplus, MAGBIT and THE FRONT PAGE. The company generates its revenue from Press and retail convenience.
Company Fundamental Analysis

EPS 1Q2019 : 1.21cents
EPS 2Q2019 : 1.17cents
EPS 3Q2019 : 1.09cents
EPS 4Q2019 : 0.47cents
Full year earning per share 3.94cents, P/E 23.91 compare with SEM P/E 31.28, upcoming IPO like MR DIY P/E at such 30+ such high P/E. It is reasonable to see MYNEWS P/E at 28-30.
at P/E 28 , MYNEWS worth around RM1.10.
at P/E 30, MYNEWS worth around RM1.18. 
This haven't factor in future valuation & earning. Its more based on current situation. Thats why you can see that all the investment bank are looking good at this MYNEWS future prospect. 

Expectation on MyNews to record sequentially stronger quarters.
i) more new store openings (+100 stores annually for FY20 until FY22)
ii) more profitable sales mix with higher sales of RTE products which have higher margins
iii) lower losses from FPC from an improvement in the utilisation rate.
Latest annoucement by MYNEWS

Mr Ding start to grab some cheap stocks in market. Increasing their stakes showing you that they are still confident. No any annoucement disposing by big shareholders. 
Latest Target Price given by Investment Banks

MYNEWS expected to focus on growing customer reach, RTE segment

Full article from TheEdge ( MayBank IB Research):
AMInvest Research Report

Average Target Price given by Investment Bank are around RM1.35 - RM1.50. 
Which equivalent to 30% - 50% return in a stock based on current pricing. RM0.94. 
Top 30 Shareholders in MYNEWS

Top Fund like Kenanga Growth Fund, EPF, KWAP all look good into this company. Do you think they are stupid ? They did more research than u and me.
Top 30 shareholders almost 90% are fund holders. Some are foreign investor.
Top 30 shareholders hold more than 90% shares. Do you think they will simply dispose at cheap pricing? They are not short term investors. 
Technical Analysis

Technical Support : RM0.93-RM0.94
Breakout First Point : RM1.00
Target Price 1 : RM 1.10
Target Price 2:  RM 1.20
MYNEWS at 52weeks new low RM0.93. what do you think? 
Its been downtrending last year August 2019, Stock prices from RM1.45 down until RM0.93. However, you can notice huge volume buyers supporting recently.
What caught my interest is huge buyers are grabing cheap pricing stocks with strong volume. As a result, it might rebound anytime soon.
Market retailers are like that, cheap stocks with good fundamental they doesn't want to see. They love to chase high in the end get caught and trapped in HIGH PRICE.
Opportunities or Crisis? You decide your own. I just highlighting the facts that market miss out from this stock. Earning alone is boring, Earning with everyone and win against Funds are happy. 
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