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【 Corona Virus Update and Investment Strategy 】
Corona Virus proliferation figure unexpectedly Skyrocket again❓
For Tech, can we still invest? What's our Next Strategy❓
📌 【 Latest Update 】
The number of new confirm reported
Corona Virus cases has exploded recently
Because China started to use a new approach
They have come out with a new clinical diagnosis
which can quickly lockdown
New Corona virus infected cases
Because the previous method
It was time-consuming to wait for the report
Some people
while waiting for the report, they have passed away..
Very unfortunate…
So this new method
can be effectively done in a very short time
in order to Early Detection and Locked Down 🔒
Manage to reduce its diagnosis waiting time tremendously
This also manage to effectively lock-down
suspected cases much quicker
due to this new diagnostic methods
once the new method is incorporated
recent short-term confirmed diagnosis data
It is understandable that
there will be a one-day surge increment in the report cases.
📌 【 Latest Data Trend 】
New Corona infected cases
has started to show gradual decline
there is some soothing hope.
📌【 The Actual Life Situation of Friend in China 】
I have Chinese friends
whom I often keep in touch
some are very angry, 😡
because they have been constantly under house arrest
Every household has been
issued a "Special Permit Pass"
They need this "Special Permit Pass"
Only then they are given permission to
go out and buy daily necessities
They are only allowed to be out once every two days
It feels like
being locked in jail
and they feel like “Prisoners on Vacation” when they go out
but sadly this time
prices of goods have gone up tremendously,
mask prices has skyrocketed even more so
The residents of the affected areas
are extremely miserable..
The feeling is very suffering and helpless ..
📌【 Everything has two sides 】
In terms of investment,
Should "Think Outside the Box" more often
start from
another Angle to analyse 🤔
As many Corona cases have been reported
China suspends temporarily business production
and lock-down cities
Manufacturing, Consumer goods, Tourism, etc..
The entire economy
has been greatly affected and continues to decline..
Try to avoid
those potential DownTrend
Downtrend Sectors and Stocks
From this incident
Should notice and realize

there's few companies
might benefit from this Trend
by using Technical Analysis
you will able to see
which one is very Strong Stock
and especially go against the trend
The Technology Semiconductor Sector
Industrial Products are related to Technology
will still be my Priority Choice
especially great Fundamental and Growth Companies.
They are still in the Big Trend of
"Tech Super Bull Run"
but you got to do a lot of homework and due diligence
make sure screening and study on the
Right and Growth Technology Company.
Supply vs Demand Order
📌 【 Relocation Strategy 】

Trade War is the best example
During 2018-2019
Many people keep speculating and reporting
Technology semiconductors are greatly affected
absolutely be hit very hard
just one year after 2017, the trend was gone..
But is it really the Actual Situation and Outcome?
Reporters always enjoy exaggeration
and they like to
make inaccurate speculation base on old news.
For instance
Let’s take an real example
During Penta AGM for the last two years
always there is someone
keep on asking the same question
Penta's boss Mr Chuah
have always hinted that
The Trade War has not affected their business
They become the beneficiary
ends up
their business have better sales and keep growing.
Due to Trade War,
for companies procurement needs
they try to make some
Relocation Strategy to Southeast Asia
What we need to find out is
which companies are belong to this type of beneficiary.
especially Fundamentally well
the company business is unaffected by this situation
Sector and Stocks which show potential growth.
📌 【 Dependence and Non-dependence on Chinese Supply 】
This sudden Corona Virus phenomenon
Technology Stocks which are rely
on China's materials and parts
of course they will be affected
But what if technology stocks are not much rely
Instead they are doing export market
will it be an opportunity for them
on this supply shortage period?
for some affected companies
do they have other Solutions
to get it from alternative sources?
China Manufacturing Supply
has been partially discontinued and reduced
If Southeast Asia company
continues to have ample of supplies
there's will be more orders coming soon
including enquiries and orders from Europe and America.
This will depend on
the Capability and Strategies
of the Company Management
Experience the Crisis:
Some people are Passive
They settle down and stay calm
keep waiting patiently for the problem to be resolved .
Some people are ProActive
They keep finding alternative Solutions and Strategic.
In the end
Is it a Crisis or an Opportunity?
Some people see it as Crisis
Someone see it as Opportunity
This is a great Test
to see the company’s management
Capabilities and Strategies
on their business.
📌 【 Market Pace 】
Most of the time
Market will reflect in advance
Everything don't need
be too over Pessimistic or Optimistic
We went through it many times before
Extreme Joy, will leads to Sorrow
Out of the Extreme Misfortune, will comes bliss
Things always turn around..
Unless the Big Bear market comes upon
when thing become extremely Pessimistic
there will be an Opportunity Reversal
Everything Let it be Natural
Follow the Trend
Now there are some people who comment market is bad
but some how
some stocks are unexpectedly
keep break new High again and again..
📌 If Technology Stock PE is too high
You can't manage to get it
especially on how to calculate its PE and Growth
You may also look for
other Sector like :
E.g :
✏️ Industrial Products & Services 🏭🔩⚙️
✏️ HDD Hardisk 💾
✏️ Packaging 📦
✏️ Telecom Fiber Optic 4G 5G🗼🌐 📶
(NFCP National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan)
(Network Infrastructure)
✏️ Gloves 🧤
✏️ Construction 🏠
📌 【 Risk Management, Confidence and Mindset 】
If you are
Fear of Risk
Fear of Market Fluctuations and Volatility
You can choose
what I have been always teaching
Strict Cut Loss : -5%
You can choose to stay aside and observe
waiting for next opportunity come upon
Investment confidence and Stability are very important
you won’t have good Holding Power for your stock.
【 Andrew Investment Trend Investment 】
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