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SMT Technologies Sdn Bhd (SMTT) had initiated to donate the necessities kits to the Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim (HSAH) to help in fighting the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

With the presence of our Group CEO/ED Dato’ Alex Kang Pang Kiang (5th from the left), SMTT’s Group CFO/VP Ms. Cheryl Ng ( 4th from the left), HSAH’s Timbalan Pengarah Perubatan II, Dr Mohamed Ali bin Mohamed Nadhar Khan (4th from the right), HSAH’s Penolong Pengawai Penerangan, Muhammad Hafiz bin Izham (3th from the right) as well as SMTT Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team handed face shields and hand sanitizers to the medical personnel who are combating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope this contribution shows our best support and encouragement to the front line staff of the hospital. In the meantime, we will continue offering a helping hand to efforts aimed at curbing this outbreak while operating our business in line with the Government’s mandate.


SMTT is one of the subsidiary of EG Industries Berhad. Do you see the box that shown in the photo labeled with SMTT. Again we managed to detect it!

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