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 [AJINOMOTO (MALAYSIA) BHD:消费业务部门的销售收入增加和生产成本降低]

4Q20 vs 4Q19:

4Q20 vs 3Q20:

持续的COVID-19大流行已经对全球和国内经济产生了不利影响。马来西亚政府从2020年3月18日起实施了行动控制令(MCO),以控制影响经济各部门的病毒传播。许多饭店和小贩继续仅经营外卖和/或有限的就餐服务,预计这将影响公司某些产品的销售。一般上,人们仍然非常谨慎,观察到社交距离和呆在家里,所有这些都会影响味之素。预计公司将继续面临不利的RM / USD汇率和主要原材料价格上涨的挑战。此外,他们的产品分销和生产能力还受到COVID-19大流行事件的不断发展以及政府采取的对策的约束。
James Ng Stock Pick Performance:
Since Recommended Return:

a. FRONTKEN CORP BHD, recommended on 12 Aug 18, initial price was RM0.715, rose to RM3.57, dividend RM0.04, in 1 year 11 months 22 days, total return is 404.9%

b. TOP GLOVE CORP BHD, recommended on 1 July 18, initial price was RM12.14, rose to RM53.76 adjusted, dividend RM0.52, in 2 Years 1 month 2 days, total return is 347.1%

c. MI TECHNOVATION BERHAD, recommended on 2 Jun 19, initial price was RM1.67, rose to RM6.39 adjusted, dividend RM0.055, in 1 Year 2 months 1 day, total return is 285.9%

d. KKB ENGINEERING BHD, recommended on 1 Jul 18, initial price was RM0.795, rose to RM1.65, dividend RM0.04, in 2 Years 1 month 2 days, total return is 112.6%

e. OPENSYS M BHD, recommended on 24 May 20, initial price was RM0.355, rose to RM0.675, dividend RM0.0025, in 2 months 10 days , total return is 90.8%

f. PROLEXUS BHD, recommended on 25 Aug 19, initial price was RM0.455, rose to RM0.73, dividend RM0.003, in 11 months 9 days , total return is 61.1%

g. POWER ROOT BHD, recommended on 7 Oct 18, initial price was RM1.59, rose to RM2.20, dividend RM0.188, in 1 Year 9 months 27 days, total return is 50.2%

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[AJINOMOTO (MALAYSIA) BHD: Higher sales revenue and lower production costs in the Consumer Business segment]

4Q20 vs 4Q19:
The operating profit was RM19.1 million in the current quarter as compared to RM12.9 million in the corresponding quarter last year.

4Q20 vs 3Q20:
Higher sales revenue and lower production costs in the Consumer Business segment resulted in better operating profit of RM19.1 million in the current quarter than the operating profit of RM17.6 million in the immediate preceding quarter.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted the global and domestic economy. The Malaysian Government enforced the Movement Control Order (MCO) from 18th March 2020 in order to control the spread of the virus which impacted all sectors of the economy. Many restaurants and hawkers have continued to operate only take-away and/or limited dine-in service which is expected to impact on the sales of some of the Company’s products. Generally, people are still very cautious, observing social distancing and staying at home all of which will affect businesses. The Company is expected to continue to face the challenges from the unfavorable RM/USD exchange rate and price increase of key raw materials. In addition, their product distribution and production capacity are subject to the unfolding events of the COVID-19 pandemic and countermeasures the Government takes.
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