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DO NOT invest in HO WAH GENTING BHD for its Covid19 vaccine work.

What they are doing is to see if the polio vaccine is protective against the Covid19. I can tell everyone right now the polio vaccine is not protective against Covid19.

How do I know that?

1 - Polio is a different virus from Covid19. 100% different virus.  Vaccines are very specific and so is the immune system.

2. All Malaysians have been vaccinated against polio as children. Most people around the world  have also been vaccinated against polio.And guess what, we still catch Covid19. If the polio vaccine had any protective ability, nobody is Asia, Africa and most of America would not have caught Covid19.

3. I have the correct training to professional call a stupid  biomedical idea, idiotic..This is as idiotic as the people trying to see if the BCG vaccine works against Covid19, it doesn't!

Retail investors, AVOID Ho Wah Genting! Their attempt at using the polio vaccine as SARS-Cov2 vaccine will NEVER work.

Ho Wah Genting management if you are reading this, stop f-ing around. You are dragging the Genting name through the mud. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

If you want to make a vaccine against Covid19, do so properly. I know you are not a biotech company and don't have great technical experties, you are a cables and transportation company.  So here is some general advice from someone who has worked at the NIH, make an inactivated viral vaccine. It isn't anymore difficult than growing the SARS-COv2 virus in cell culture, harvesting the virus, concentrating it either by ultracentrifugation or making a modified virus and purifying it on a binding column and inactivating the virus with formaldehyde. You can gamma irradiate for extra safety.

Those things are easy, generally effective, and moderately fast but expensive to make and hard to mass produce to levels sufficient to vaccinate a region. Yes, your profits won't be as good, but governments may chip in to offset the price. And yes, you won't be able to make enough to save all of South East Asia, but you might be able to produce enough for Malaysia and export a bit.  Any group of trained people with experience in large volume animal cell culture, and viral production can make it. This is the same thing Sinovac is making.

So please, if you are at all serious and sincere about making a vaccine, just go and make an inactivated viral vaccine. Don't waste your time, money and Malaysia retail investor's money on an idiot idea that this E-MO company is selling. I don't care how great the powerpoint presentation E-MO Biology Inc (EBI) gave to you, those Americans were either liars or idiots trying to pull a con on unsuspecting Asians.

And for f-sakes, a biotech company called EMO should never be taken seriously. At the very least be conned by a company named something like Scientifc Analytics or American Vaccines.



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