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The share prices of glove stocks dropped because of a bad report from JF Apex research downgrades glove stocks from Overweight to neutral.

In 2009 H1N1 pandemic, 5 vaccines were approved by WHO, none of them work.
Moreover, the share price of Topglov still rallied for next 10 months after vaccine was approved by WHO.
Presently, there is no vaccine approved by WHO.
How to confirm that the share price of Topglov is peak ?
The share price of Topglov will continue to move up north as long as the incoming quarter result is becoming better and better.
EPS or PAT is growing, the share price will continue to go up north.

The share prices of glove stocks will drop when there is a sign that the number Coronavirus infection is reducing drastically.
Presently the number of infection is still increasing everyday.
I talk with facts and figures.

Thank you.


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