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 The Lumber's Futures Hit all time high at USD 830.90/Bd Ft in USA Last Friday. The shortage of the lumber had been occurs since June this years as many of project/building repairing/renovation happen in this summer in States. This is also thanks to the covid 19 as most the people stay at home in this summer and have most of the time to do more on construction works.

The world biggest lumber exporter are USA, follow by Canada and 3rd China. The total supply from this 3 country is more than 40% of world lumber supply. The situation of Lumber's shortage will be even serious as California's forest in on heavy fire (one of the main producer area of Lumber), follow by the tropica storm Laura. The similar situation happen in China Whereby most of the city neaby Yangze River had been expericence the most serious flood in 50 years.

This give us a very significant signal that USA and China are in depth needs of Lumber than country now to rebuild house/infrascture (mean no export). Another sad story from Canada as well as their government to very tight to control the number of Lumber for export due to tight supply.

When we putting all this factors to the current situation of Lumber's supply, it is very clear the shortage of lumber is even greatest than the gloves supply. Home/building/infrascture need to rebuild ASAP.

The tight supply of lumber in the world is definitely direct benefit to the Malaysia's Timber suppliers particular Jtiasa, WTK, SUbur, Taann (the big 4 fours in MAlaysia). Estimately all their log can enjoy 180% price increase since June this year.


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