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As I had been invested in Pharmaniaga, the result that is release on Wednesday evening could had gotten some mixed feeling over revenue and profits.
While there are some investor which are expecting a very good revenue and profit, however, it turn out that the profit is still going good, but not explosively tremendous until it will see the stock limit up. According to analyst, the result is within expectation.
Pharma revenue did improve by 44 million, and earning increase. There is some slight drag down on Indonesia operation due to payment from Indonesia government could be slightly hard during this trying time. Other than that, it is good.

The result could be factored into the price from a peak of RM 5

As you can see, the current price of RM 4.40 is more than 10% adjusted from the peak of RM 5.00, which is reflective of the current quarter result, but anticipating on the future revenue from the vaccine bottling and distribution effect.

If we are to compare on the virus outbreak and movement of share price, the Coronavirus got detect in the middle of December 2019 in WUHAN, CHINA. It got into momentum earlier this year, and global lock down on March 2020. However, most of the gloves share price are still not moving drastically upwards. It took almost 4 months for gloves company to consolidate, and journey to >1000% capital appreciation.

Hence, this will be the same for Pharma. The revenue and profit is there, but there will be waiting, but any good news on Vaccine development will spike the interest of investor in Pharma.

Currently, there are 2 vaccines under approved for limited use. One is from RUSSIA, and another from CHINA by Cansino Biologics. 

It is prime time now for Malaysian counterparts to get ready for Vaccine sourcing in order not to get stuck in the bottleneck of orders.

Further news from Minister of Science Technology and Innovation, Khairy Jamaluddin is recommending that the vaccine to be provided free to ALL MALAYSIAN. If this will come through, Pharma / Dpharma could be almost certain in getting a confirmed sales of approx 80 million doses (if 2 doses required per person)

Any drop in Pharma share price will be a good opportunity to scoop in due to the confirmed revenue and sales from the government.

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