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Many investors asked if they should sell their glove stocks because all the glove stocks plunged yesterday.

Hartalega dropped Rm 1.20,

Supermax dropped 86 sen,

Kossan dropped 81 sen,

Top Glove dropped 60 sen,

Comfort dropped 41 sen,

CarePlus dropped 24 sen,

Rubberex dropped 20 sen.  

Instead of asking me should you sell glove stocks, you should ask “Is the Covid 19 pandemic completely over?”

Coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented loss of lives, and crippled healthcare systems across the globe. The United States, India, and Brazil currently account for half of the 40 million+ cases of COVID-19.

With no vaccine and an a totally effective cure in sight, scientists around the world are scrambling to find relief in a bid to slow down the infection rates. The best ways are as follows:

1 You must wear a face mask whenever you are out of your house. 

2 Practice social distancing; do not stand nearer than 2 meters from another person.

3 Avoid going out. If you have to go out, when you return home immediately you must wash your hands with soap and water.

4 Get yourself tested as soon as you feel feverous and uncomfortable.

5 Never forget life is more important than money. 

6 All medical workers must wear gloves to do any examination or do contact tracing. 

7 All the people whose work involved in touching things and people should wear gloves to save lives.


Currently there are 41.42 million Covid 19 cases and 1.14 million deaths in the world. Every day there are about 400,000 new cases and the rate of infection is still rising.   

Under the circumstances, the demand for gloves will continue to exceed supply and all the glove makers can easily increase their selling prices to make more and more profit which should reflected in their share prices.

If you sell your glove stocks, what are you going to do with your sale proceeds? The pandemic is affecting all the listed companies except gloves and medical products for the virus prevention. 


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