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GPA 7096 is a NET CASH COMPANY of RM0.06, indicating that it is the Perfect Shell for companies to do RTO/ backdoor listing.

GPA floating shares only 16.59% in the market, a cornered stock. 


Currently there are two parties who are interested.
1. REGAL ORION - https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/gpa-confirms-receiving-rto-offer
- https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/reverse-takeover-offing-gpa

2. EDDIE ONG of RUBBEREX - https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/newsbreak-eddie-ong-front-runner-control-gpa


Both parties will then acquire GPA 7096 to inject the asset inside.

A clear indication that GPA wants to start doing glove shown below:

1. GPA 7096 will start to venture into glove. Of course, if RUBBEREX’s EDDIE ONG take over GPA, will definitely park the GLOVE MAKING BUSINESS under GPA. Rubberex will supply the RAW MATERIAL to GPA (most probably at a lower price compared to their competitors)- will HUGELY improve GPA’s Profit Margin.

2. The private placement means new fresh investors will come in (maybe EDDIE ONG of RUBBEREX.)

EARLY OCTOBER, FINTECH BERHAD Also acquired a large number of shares, indicating that this GPA 7096 will be GORENG TO LIMIT UP soon !

They have to take position early to avoid triggering insider trading.

Compared to LUSTER or AT, GPA 7096 (if) acquired by RUBBEREX's Eddie Ong, will have a much stronger position in the glove industry.

Lets analyse LUSTER AND AT after announcing venturing into glove business;

the shareprice of LUSTER increased 114% from RM0.14 to RM 0.295

Whereas for AT, the shareprice increase 181% from RM0.100 to RM0.285

CURRENTLY , GPA 7096 is trading at a PRICE OF RM0.205, a breakout from the RM0.195 RESISTANCE. IF GPA 7096 Were to grow a minimal of 50%, we shall see RM0.300. 

50% is very conservative compared to LUSTER/ AT/ MAHSING whos share price grown more than 150% after announcing venturing into glove business. 

We strongly belive that GPA 7096 is the BLACK HORSE compared to LUSTER/ AT / MAHSING . 


What will you do ? 

DISCLAIMER: This post serves for educational purposes. Investors should carry our their own respective due delligence before any decision made. The author of this post is not liable for any decisions made by any indivudual.


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