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Luck (运气)

We can often hear that people are saying why every time they bought a stock, the stock will definitely drop, and whenever they sold a stock, the stock will definitely surge. Why? Is it because they just have bad luck and other people are being blessed with good luck? The answer is no.

Obviously luck do play a part in this, but not all of it. You cannot just blame luck because you lost money in the market. Luck is often paired with confidence and hardworking. The more you worked on the stocks you bought, the more confident you are in these counters. Whenever there is a minor crash, you view this as an opportunity rather than risk, urging you to buy more rather than panic selling. When the share price goes up after that, people will say that you have good luck that you are able to buy the stock at low price, but that is all because you are confidence enough, and did all the hardwork before.

Being pessimistic will also bring your luck down. We seldom see optimistic people with bad luck, because they see everything in a good way, such as seeing risk as opportunity, seeing market crash as correction. We know that being optimistic, or bring different is difficult, because one will lose their confidence if their stocks dropped continuously for a few days, just like the glove sector in end-2020. However, having a strong mindset and confidence can be the turning point, and turn “bad luck” to “good luck”.

In short, luck does not just appear randomly. They often appear on people that are optimistic and confident, and brave enough to be someone different. Sometimes, we are not having bad luck, but just that the decision we made is wrong, allowing us to miss some opportunities. Hence, starting from today, we shall start to view things in a good way, even it is facts that the case is actually bad. Acting differently will be the turning point of your life.





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