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There aren't many blogs that lasts more than a few years. People get bored or they have run out of things to say. I am here to say I will START to return to my original fervour of blogging. Like rediscovering your passion. So, readers can look forward to at least a new posting every single day. 

Plus, the icing on the cake, my female photo selections will also make a comeback.

Berjaya Group CEO - There's a new CEO in town and many of my friends have made comments. Generally, they have been good that finally someone is putting some skin in the game. However a few of my respected financial friends made these comments: "How did he get to have so much money in the first place?"... "Did Vincent Tan finance his stock purchases?" (is that legally/morally wrong?).

We have become so cynical that we tend to take the glass half empty route every time we come across "seemingly good things". We question, we doubt, we make disparaging comments ... based on NOTHING other than our biases or skewed value system. 

Maybe its the environment we were brought up in, and/or the political shenanigans and the puppet masters behind so many of our institutions and power plays ... maybe.

I think I'd like to give the guy some leeway. I mean he was doing good stuff at PNB... till the good things affected the tollways of some powerful people I think, so they say. 

So the next time we come across something 'seemingly positive", let's give it a chance. There is no need to whack everything, even when 9 out of 10 times its usually "sinister". Life would be better this way, the more negativity we pour onto ourselves just kills our souls faster.

p/s: after haven't posted pics for so long, the first one will have a lot of weight .. she is Shirley Cheung Yuk San, a one time TVB starlet. I think for about 6-7 years before leaving abruptly to start her body slimming biz. She got that listed in HK's GEM in 4 years. She's 47 now and still looks great (and single... her "influential bf died a few years back). She is tenacious, intelligent and quite brilliant in so many ways.

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