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My rechargeable portable mosquito killer lamp

I had bought a few units of the electronic UV light type of mosquito trap before. They were functioning well in trapping and killing mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, after one to two years of usage, all of them became problematic and unable to function well. The problems faced are:

  • In some units, the LED lights became dimmer and dimmer, until no longer able to attract the mosquitoes.
  • In some units, the LED totally unable to turn on.
  • In some units, the fan became noisier and noisier, causing it to be an annoyance itself, particularly during the silent night.
  • In some units, the fan totally not rotating, and therefore unable to trap the mosquitoes.
This time, I decided to buy the electrocute type, at almost the same price as the previous suction type. It looks like this:

The lamp has a similar bluish lamp to attract the mosquitoes and insects to fly towards it. Surrounding the lamp are metal wires with electricity current to electrocute the insects. At the outer layer, there is a plastic cage to prevent ourselves from accidentally touch on the metal wires.

The plastic cage is easily removable for us to clean up the dead body of insects at the metal wires. There is a small brush that comes together with the lamp for this cleaning purpose.

This type of lamp comes with 3 different models:
  • Without a rechargeable battery, that needs to be always connected to a USB charging source in order to work.
  • With 2000 mAh rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the lamp can work for up to 8 hours without connecting to a power source.
  • With 4000 mAh rechargeable battery. When fully charged, the lamp can work for up to 16 hours without connecting to a power source.
There is a switch for you to turn on and turn off the light. In fact, the switch has 2 ON position, the upper position turns on the blueish mosquito attraction light, and the lower position turns on a warm white reading light.

At the base of the lamp, there is a hanger to hang it in an upside-down position. So it is flexible to be put on tabletop, or be hung up in the air.

Its rechargeable feature is in fact very useful, especially for the following situations:
  • You can put it up and running anywhere, even in a place without a power source.
  • It can still function well during the time of electricity blackout. That is also the time you are likely to get more mosquitoes disturbance since your fan and air-cond are not functioning.
  • You can use it as an emergency light during electricity blackout.
  • You can use it during camping, as a dual function light in your camp.


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