Hi guys/gals,

We are at the beginning of a powerful GE14 Election Year/ Chinese New Year 2018 Bull Run!

Why should this BULL RUN continues?


1) 1MDB has settled all its debts to IPIC. So Malaysia didn't go the way of Brazil or Venezuela! With this impediment removed FOREIGN FUNDS's confidence will be boosted Sky High!! And Foreign Funds poured in almost Rm1 Billions to KLSE.

These Coming Tide of New Hot Monies will continue to power up Bursa.

2) North Korea in dialogue with South Korea... Nuclear tension thawing. This is another uncertainty that kept Funds away. So peace reigns for now. And more reasons to come back to emerging Asia in general and undervalue Malaysia in particular.

Since KLSE gone down the most KLSE will go up the most

3) CRUDE OIL rebound also lift up Ringgit. The Rm4.00 to one USD is finally broken!

Another good reason for Foreign Funds to invest in KLSE. Twin profits from Stock Price gains & exchange rate gains as both Bursa & Ringgit continue to out perform in 2018.

So keep these 6 Commandments


The wind of Fortune has just started blowing until GE14 Election Day! Long way up!

So convert cash to equities. Cash on its own with 3% Bank FD has a P/E of 33.3. So it will take 33.3 years to double your monies. Can hardly cover inflation.

2) Don't need to hit and run or jump from share to share. Just buy and hold. In Bull Run most monies are made by sitting still and doing nothing. But it's ok if trading increased among punters and Remisiers' are happy. A jolly good time for all.

3) Don't waste time debating and quarrel over stocks. Listen to all posts. Then make your own decisions. Be responsible to your own actions. Gain or lose is your own.

4) Don't take small profits if you think the shares you bought are good. Stick with it for the maximum profit

5) Don't forget to take more position if you think the stock is outstanding. This was what My Johor Sifu taught me. If you have found a stock which you think is very good don't just nibble. YOU MUST HAMMER IT!

In other words if you think you have found a "Chun Chun Stock" you should not just nibble. You should take Huge Position. Of course you must also bear in mind not to overdo it. Buy within your means. And able to sleep well every night

6) If the Shares you bought didn't go up immediately don't be tempted to sell. In the Game of Rotational Plays all laggards will also move in their turns. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.

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Calvin Tan