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 [LAY HONG BHD,肉鸡生产能力正在逐步增加,NHF Manufacturing(Malaysia)正在建设其生产设施]

综合牲畜业务收入由去年同期的1.4318亿令吉增加32.78%至本季度的1.9011亿令吉。这是由于鸡蛋,加工冷冻产品和销售的pasteurized liquid eggs的数量和价格较高。对于零售业务而言,由于开设了2个附加店面,本季度的收入为3,451万令吉,而去年同期则为3,117万令吉。由于收入增加,本季度的税前利润为1,547万令吉,而去年相应季度则为771万令吉。


丽鸿实现了每天300万个鸡蛋的产蛋量目标。考虑到与NH Foods有限公司的合资企业,肉鸡生产能力正在逐步增加,以满足其食品加工单位的新要求。丽鸿正在不断审查其战略,并将利用NH Foods的力量将公司带到更高的高度。合资公司NHF Manufacturing(Malaysia)Sdn Bhd已经成立并正在建设其生产设施,目标是在2018年第四季度全面投入运营。到目前为止,共有17种产品在市场,目前由Lay Hong Food Corporation Sdn Bhd拥有的现有加工厂根据合同生产。丽鸿不断研究和推出新产品。
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Integrated livestock business revenue increased 32.78% from RM143.18m in the preceding year's corresponding quarter to RM190.11m in the current quarter. This was due to the higher quantity and price of eggs, processed frozen products and pasteurized liquid eggs sold. For the retail segment, a higher revenue of RM34.51m was recorded in the current quarter compared to RM31.17m in the corresponding quarter of last preceding year due to the opening of 2 addtional outlets. A pre-tax profit of RM15.47m was recorded in the current quarter compared to RM7.71m in the corresponding quarter due to higher revenue.

Pre-tax profit of RM15.47m in the current quarter is higher compared to the RM13.88m in preceding quarter due to reduce in operational expenses.

It has achieved the egg production capacity target of 3m eggs per day. The broiler production capacity is increasing progressively to cater to new requirements in their food processing unit, taking into consideration of the Joint Venture with NH Foods Ltd. It is constantly reviewing its strategies and will capitalize on the strength of NH Foods to take the Company to greater heights. The JV company, NHF Manufacturing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has been set-up and is now constructing its manufacturing facilities and is targeted to be fully operational by the 4Q of 2018. As at to date a total of 17 products have been launched in the market and is currently manufactured under contract in the existing processing plant owned by Lay Hong Food Corporation Sdn Bhd. It is continuously researching and introducing of new products.
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