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Lately, a stock that piques my interest is Naim Holdings Berhad. Its principal business activities are in property development, construction and other civil works in Sarawak. Notably, it is also indirectly involved in the oil and gas industry via an approx 26% stake in Dayang Enterprise Holdings Berhad and an approx 10% stake in Perdana Petroleum Berhad. Its stake in Dayang in particular, is worth approx RM360 million as at 19 June. That is significant if we compare that to Naim's own market capitalisation of RM440 million. As such, the fortunes of Dayang has a considerable impact on Naim, as we can evidently see from the comparison chart below (candlesticks = Naim; purple line = Dayang).

For most of the past year, Naim's share price movements had been highly correlated to Dayang's until recently in June (shaded red area). Naim has outperformed Dayang significantly this month and some of these days have spikes of exceptionally high volumes, suggesting something could be brewing behind the scenes.
Looking through its recently published Annual Report 2019, I have yet to discover a specific justification for the current momentum but I did stumble upon some pretty interesting revelations from its shareholdings disclosures that I think is worth sharing here.

Shareholdings Analysis
No of Shareholders As at 29/3/2019 As at 30/4/2020 Growth
1 - 99 14 15 7.14
100 - 1,000 964 982 1.87
1,001 - 10,000 2,999 3,100 3.37
10,001 - 100,000 1,427 1,735 21.58
100,001 - 25,037,165 216 260 20.37
More than 25,037,165 4 4 -
Total 5,624 6,096 8.39
Source: Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2019  

Overall, Naim's investor base has grown over the past year with 8.39% increase in the number of shareholders. As evident from the above table, majority of this growth came from the 10,001 - 100,000 and 100,001 - 25,037,165 segment, hinting an increase in interest from mainly high-net worth individuals and institutional funds.
One particular finding from the company's Top 30 Shareholders' List is the emergence of Mak Tian Ming who holds close to 10 million shares of Naim as at 30/4/2020. Quick google search points me to a seasoned investor in Bursa who many in the industry hold in high regard (refer to link below).
Perhaps he sees the value in Naim that most of us don't? This may not mean much as we do not know his average cost price or holding period. But combined these available information and the recent stock price movements,  it may give us a gauge of the genuineness of the current momentum. Afterall, the rich gets richer. Shall we follow the "smart money"?
Time will tell :)

Disclaimer: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell the shares of the company. The article is purely for sharing and educational purposes.

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